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The power of "Why?"

Updated: May 25, 2022

The power of "Why?"

The key take-aways from this podcast are:

  1. when we are going through a tough time whether as individuals, as a family, as a collective, as a nation, the power of writing things down, that it brings light into those things, it brings them to light,

  2. So when I write it down, I am acknowledging, and I'm accepting it and embracing it, this is part of me, this is my path. So when I write it down, I almost give myself an opportunity to decide how this story is going to end.

  3. If it's in a negative format, and you felt pain, you felt rejection, you felt all these emotions. Remember You felt them in your body. So when you write it down, it's like, you are taking them out of your body wherever they're sitting. And then you're putting them on a piece of paper. So it partly dissolves, the heaviness, partly dissolves this weight that that you've been carrying. So then, on the positive side, you are bringing it into existence. So whether you've got intentions about love, about family, about your career, about you, your business or about your life in its entirety. When you write it down, you are basically creating the future that you want, you are basically creating the life that you want, you're creating every thing that you want. And that's why you gotta be intentional. So if I want joy, if I want peace, if I want comfort, if I want prosperity, if I want a sense of community, if I want a sense of belonging, I've got to write it down. Then when I see it manifest in the physical form, then I'm like, hold on. This is exactly what I wrote. This is exactly what I wanted to feel, this is exactly what my soul, what my body, what my mind, what my heart longed for.

  4. The minute we shed light onto those vulnerable,dark scary moments, then they lose power over us. I strongly believe that they do lose power over us. So the moment we share those, those dark moments, those vulnerable moments, those low, extremely low moments, then that darkness, no longer, has power over us.

  5. Continuously ask, Why? Why? Why? until you get to the root of the feeling, to the root of the emotion. firstly, it's going to be intellectual. You see asking why takes us deeper until we get to the root of the issue to the root of the emotion and that's the second thing that it's so vital for us to ask Why?. And also when we ask why, we are not judging the emotion, we're not judging the experience. We're not judging. We're not judging it. However, we're bringing light to it and asking, Why? Why, Why? Why, why, why until we find the real, real reason behind this emotion, behind this feeling, behind this fear.

  6. There is power in us labelling every emotion, labelling every feeling, labelling what's going on inside, because then it dissolves the power of that thing. It takes the power and shifts the power back to us back to me. So the power is no longer in that thing. The power shifts back, I take it, I grab it. I say, "No. I'm not powerless. You don't have power over me. I have power over me."

Thank you for listening!

Love Thuli & Mandisa

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