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  • As a mother, I strongly believe in the power of words; words help us communicate how we feel, how we see the world, how we like or do not like something and how things can be better.  ​

    Knowing how to read allows kids to find their voice, it allows them the opportunity to visit a new and different world.  Knowing how to read and write allows kids the freedom to express themselves, to be exposed to a different world and to create magic.  
    Unfortunately not all kids have access to books and puzzles to assist them on their journey.  

    Thus I wanted to play a small role in buying, collecting and distributing books to kids in areas where the kids have no access to libraries and where kids have no access to an adult who can read to them and with them consistently.  
    If you have books and/or puzzles that you'll love to donate for a child between the ages of 3 to 10 years old, please let us know and we'll arrange for a pickup of the books and/or puzzles.  

    For every pair of leggings sold, we buy two books and find a school to supply the books to.  

    The goal is to have a community of readers who will read with the young kids who cannot read at different primary schools especially for grade R to grade 3 - the foundation phase - this will instil a culture of reading to the young kids and provide a safe/loving environment for kids to learn to read.  
    The reading journey continues and your support really makes a difference!

Thank you :) 

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