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Mandisa Khumalo wearing Activewear
Mandisa Khumalo wearing Activewear
Activewear for Yoga


My name is Mandisa Khumalo and I would like to welcome you to our Black Strawberry home.  I love working out and you know what I love even more; workout gear that’s comfortable, colourful, fits snugly and functional.


I have created this online platform in order to share my passion for choosing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle whether through running, gym, yoga, pilates, swimming, walking / hiking, cycling, eating well and basically taking care of my overall health (emotionally, physically and mentally). It’s also a platform for you and I to share our stories and insight that makes us the phenomenal women that we are.


At Black Strawberry Activewear we believe that every woman deserves activewear that looks good, allows for flexibility in motion and is functional.  Our activewear is inspired by everything around us, from the products we use daily (yes some of the activewear was inspired by the blankets we came across while visiting a friend) to the many travels we undertake in our country and abroad. 


Besides looking and feeling great, our activewear is functional (has pockets for keys, cellphone, iPods, lipgloss and any other accessory that you might take along on your fitness journey).  


So whether you’ve just started on your health and wellness journey or about to embark on this journey or have been on this journey for some time, we’ve got you covered.


I hope you’ll enjoy walking along this journey with me and the team.



“Choose an Active Lifestyle. Always”

Love Mandisa 

Women running wearing activewear

Let’s Work Together

Johannesburg; South Africa

Whatsapp: 083 270 8873

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